Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick Thoughts...

--All four No. 1 seeds made it to the Final Four this year (first time since the field was expanded to 64). My attempts at a winning bracket were destroyed after the first weekend of games though. Louisville helped me out near the end and Stanford tried to save me but, alas, Cheek is last in the ol' office pool once again.
--Lady Cheek is going to play bunko with her friends tonight. I don't have one male friend, not a single one, that can explain to me what the object of the game is. I'm not even sure it's a real game. I think that "bunko" could be a cover.

--As many of you know, when a team defeats Georgia in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, I go on record as not picking them for a five-year period. Xavier, you're on the clock!

--Because I feel like everyone should know that I'm not completely braindead: Despite my miserable attempt in the ol' office pool, my picks for the final game are still in tact (UCLA over UNC).

--Tom Glavine is making his first start in a Braves uniform in over five years. I'm going to go see him pitch. Maybe "bunko" is girl-talk for "Why don't you go take in a ballgame with one of you buddies?"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pure Madness

The most unproductive days of the year are about to begin...