Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Maddening March

So, it was the perfect storm.

St. Patrick's Day followed by the craziest four days in all of sports (the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament).

And, despite picking Cornell in the opening round - per the "Cheek loves the Ivy League" Rule - my bracket has never taken a worse beating in the first weekend. The funny, and what I really mean is "sad," thing is that I have actually documented this. I looked at my picks over the last five years and I have never been so utterly and completely clueless. Not even a pint of green beer could cheer me up at this point (not that I could actually find one a week after St. Patty's Day).

Well, in order to cheer me up and further my celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, I offer you a little music from a band that I have been listening to quite a bit lately. They're from, as David Letterman, my boy, puts it, "From Ireland, ladies and gentleman. From Ireland!"

Bell X1 and a nice rendition of their little ditty "The Great Defector" from the album Blue Lights On the Runway. It's fun, it's up-beat, it's a little poppy...what's not to like?!

Enjoy! And I'll catch you guys later!