Sunday, July 8, 2007

Federer - Nadal II

I don’t watch a lot of tennis but I have to admit, I love Wimbledon (that being said, I love anything that is drenched in tradition).

I am watching the Gentlemen’s Championship Match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. That’s another thing that I like about Wimbledon – The Gentlemen’s Championship Match. “Men” don’t play at Wimbledon – only “gentlemen” – and those gentlemen don’t play in the “finals,” they play in the “championship match.”

Note: Federer just took a thrilling first set tiebreaker, 8-6.

The gentlemen that has owned London’s All England Club the past four years is Roger Federer. But he’s not what intrigues me today. I don’t think that people understand how important it is that Nadal is playing the type of tennis…

Note: Nadal just forced a double-break point (the first break points of the match) and Federer answered with three consecutive aces and the deuce winner. Unreal.

…that he is playing. We’re starting to see a distinct and very real rivalry here. Men’s tennis has been without a good rivalry for some time now. The last that I can think of was maybe Sampras – Agassi but I don’t think that they ever had a real “rivalry.” They weren’t meeting in the finals of all the grand slams like Nadal and Federer are now.

Another thing that I love about this rivalry is the two different styles of play. Nadal with sheer speed. This guy gets to everything. He moves across the court like nothing I have ever seen. Federer brings complete and utter power to his game. Right now, Federer is leading the Ace Count 14-1. When he hits the ball, you better believe that it is coming. If you blink at the wrong time you could miss everything that happens.

Note: We’re going to a tiebreak for the third set.

It’s important for Federer to have Nadal playing well right now as well. In order to cement yourself in any individual sport you have to have an adversary. Ali had Frazier, Woods, for the past couple years, has had Mickelson. McEnroe, Borg, Connors and Lendl all played together in the early 80’s.

Note: Federer took the tiebreak and the third set. Two sets to one in Federer’s favor.

Earlier this year I picked Federer to win all four of tennis’ grand slams. Obviously I was wrong as Nadal took the French (being the master of clay that he is). I can’t imagine that Federer will lose this match to Nadal though. He should be able to carry this momentum on to the title and tie Borg with five consecutive Wimbledon Championships.

Note: Just as I typed that last sentence, Nadal has broken Federer’s serve, held his own and then broke again. I just watched Federer fall apart at the seams.

But like I said earlier, I don’t watch a lot of tennis. One day their might be an American vying for the title and the number one spot in the world. When that happens, we’ll all be talking about tennis a little more.

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