Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Clap Your Hands Say TIDBITS

Originally posted to on January 24, 2007

--Well, Michael Vick is innocent. The Miami authorities said that they could not determine that there was marijuana in the “contraption” that was confiscated at the Miami airport. Vick’s stupidity did lead to one of my favorite Saturday Night Live moments of the year though. Really!

--Fox’s 24 is back. I have come to the conclusion that if my house was burning down during an episode of 24, I would probably just stay on the couch until the commercial break. Only then would I try to grab the television (without disconnecting the cable) and pull it outside so I could finish watching.

--The Phoenix Suns, my pick to win the NBA title, have won 14-straight games and show no signs of slowing down at this point. In other NBA news: The Hawks still stink. But hey, they're not the worst team in the
League. My buddy Trey works for the Memphis Grizzlies. I just can’t bear to make fun of him any more than that…

--Tuesday night, Tennessee mean’s basketball head coach Bruce Pearl painted his body and went to the women’s hoops game to sit in the student section. My stock in “OrangePaint, Inc.” just plummeted.

--David Beckham recently signed with Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy for a reported $250 million over five years. Where is the Galaxy getting this money? The only way that I would buy a ticket to an MLS game is if I was assured that I would be sitting next to
Ms. Beckham.

--Last night, Brit Hume of Fox News said that you couldn’t “swing a cat on Capital Hill without hitting a Presidential Candidate.” He chuckled to himself. I love it when people use ridiculous phrases that make little to no sense…therefore, I decided to watch Senator Jim Webb’s (D, Virginia) reaction to President Bush’s State of the Union address.

--Michelle Wie did not make the cut at her annual “Fall-On-My-Face” Sony Open. She finished tied for
139th. In three attempts she has finished 80th, 128th, and 139th. She and, Master P.R. Man/father, B.J. Wie claim that she may not play next year because it would interfere with her start to the spring semester at college. Is that really it or is she afraid of finishing DEAD LAST?

--The Braves have been
building up the bullpen this off-season – picking up Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez. They, along with Closer Bob Wickman, will essentially turn the games into 7-inning affairs. John Smoltz may win 60 games next year.

--The people at NBC have lined up their hit show Heroes against 24 in the Monday 9pm time slot. This is borderline evil. This is, however, just another reason why I truly feel that the DV-R is one of the top five inventions of my lifetime.

--The Academy Awards nominations were announced Tuesday morning. One of my favorite categories is Best Animated Short Film. If you get the chance I recommend these two: No Time For Nuts and, my personal favorite and pick to take home the statue, The Little Matchgirl.

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