Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pick me out a winner, TIDBITS.

Originally posted to on December 13, 2006

The Georgia Bulldogs (6-1) and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (7-3) have each gotten off to decent starts to open the hoops season. Georgia had a thrilling win at Wake Forest this past week and the Jackets’ only stumbles have come to top-ranked UCLA, a tough Miami squad in their ACC opener, and a better-than-they-seem Vanderbilt. It’s still hard to get too excited about college hoops before January though. With college football on hiatus for the next few weeks, it’s a good thing that we have a couple tidbits to tide us over…

--The Dogs and Jackets meet up on December 22 for the second edition of Clean, Old Fashioned Hate. Both teams are young, fast and playing good basketball. Okay, maybe I’m allowed to get a LITTLE excited about basketball…

--Georgia Tech’s Calvin Johnson won the Biletnikoff Award, which goes to the nation’s top collegiate receiver, linking him forever with Tech QB Reggie Ball. People won’t be saying that Calvin won the trophy WHILE playing with Reggie but DESPITE playing with Reggie.

--We put the Christmas tree up at the Cheek Mansion this past weekend. Nothing says “Christmas” quite like the smell of a freshly cut pinetree in your living room…except maybe the sound of the vacuum cleaner roaring to life every half hour to clean up the thousands upon thousands of needles that keep falling from said pinetree.

--Ohio State’s Troy Smith won the Heisman Trophy. I think that Brady Quinn is still walking around the streets of New York saying, “But I play for Notre Dame…but I play for Notre Dame.”

--The Atlanta Braves made a
deal to move pitcher Horacio “Keep It On the D.L.” Ramirez to the Seattle Mariners for set-up man Rafael Soriano. Seattle, be real careful with Horacio. He’s fragile. And for heaven’s sake, do not make fun of him…you could hurt his feelings then he’d be out for another two weeks.

--In other Braves news:
Marcus Giles won’t be back next year. The “Baby Braves” from the past couple years may be looking a little more “baby-like” for the next couple. However, when you have a coach like Bobby Cox and a GM like John Schuerholz, the playoffs are never out of reach.

--I usually like to reserve my Monday’s for “intense television” watching – shows filled with murder, suspense and thrilling moments. With
Heroes and 24 on hold until January, I opted for the Bears and Rams on Monday Night Football this week. At least I got to see a murder

--It’s been reported that not only has Britney Spears been partying to much with Paris Hilton but that she has stopped production on her new album…and oh yeah, Britney, you have a one-month old baby at home.

--The thought process of a Falcon’s fan:
Week 1: This is our year! Super Bowl here we come!
Week 3: We lost to New Orleans? Do we stink?
Week 6: A 3-2 record?! We stink!
Week 8: Michael Vick is the greatest quarterback that has ever played football!
Week 10: We stink.
Week 12: I hate Vick! We should cut him! I want to punch myself in the face!
Week 14: The Falcons are amazing and so is Vick! He’s going to the Hall of Fame!

--This past Friday marked the 26th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. There may not be anyone in the musical world that has spanned (and will continue to span) the generations quite like him. I think it’s safe to say that everyone out there has a favorite Beatles’ tune. If you don’t know about The Beatles new album
Love, I suggest you take a gander.

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