Monday, August 3, 2009

The Fall of the Ol' Ball Coach

So, I'm about to say something that is not only unlike anything that I have ever said before but that will probably also frighten and, at least, anger most of you...

I feel sorry for Steve Spurrier.

The Evil Genius, who brought us the Fun N' Gun Offense, Gator Pride and the abomination that we call "Rex Grossman," has taken a nose dive. And, yes, I actually feel bad about this. Hear me out, okay?

We all saw the video footage of Spurrier explaining what happened during Tebow-Gate (the now infamous vote that left Tim Tebow NOT being the unanimous choice for Preseason All-SEC Quarterback). The ballot from the University of South Carolina did not vote for Tebow. BLASPHEMY!!!

But this isn't why Spurrier has was his reaction -- he appologized?! This isn't the Steve Spurrier that I have come to know and hate. The Steve Spurrier that I know would have sauntered up to the stage at the SEC meetings, looked down at the members of the media, made a few condescending remarks to them, taken a shot at the University of Georgia, made yet another jab at Peyton Manning and then thrown an assistant or two under the bus on the way out the door.

He's just not controversial anymore. He's lost that swagger that made him a jerk. I'm just not scared of him anymore. Do I worry that South Carolina might beat my team in any given year? Sure. But I don't have that same hatred of Spurrier that we all shared back in the late 90's. It just isn't the same.

I can't even say "I hate him" anymore. I can only embark on the upcoming season with a mild, but healthy, dislike.
So that's what has become of Steve Spurrier. He's reduced himself to becoming almost exactly like my laundry. Sure, I don't want to talk about it but if I ignore it then it's really going to be a burden next week.
Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet ball coach.


Cynthia L said...

Eric, I feel your pain. When Spurrier left Florida for the pros, my sad reaction was, "Well, now who am I going to enjoy hating?" All my wrath was then turned to Phillip Fulmer, but he was never as much fun to hate as Spurrier was. Since his return to the SEC, he's been too mellow for me to hate. However, certain comments Lane Kiffin made early in the year give me high hopes that he will be a fun target to loathe and despise. Or maybe Les Miles will make another cocky comment like he did after the 2007 LSU-Auburn game and give me a fresh reason to hate him. Ahh, a girl can dream...

Amy said...

Ohhh.... No, you di'int.

Actually, as a diehard Carolina fan, I have to say... I agree. And it sucks. When we hired Spurrier, all I could think about (besides the numerous SEC titles I was sure we were going to win) were the awesomely obnoxious sound bytes that were going to be coming out of Spurrier's mouth at the expense of everyone else in the SEC. How finally everyone in the conference would have some animosity towards us, instead of indifference. Instead, we get hilarious sound bytes of him making fun of ourselves.... "Can't trade 'em" comes to mind.

Ugh. I have no doubt though, that if by some miracle he squeaks out an amazing season one year... he'll get back to the quotable ol' ball coach that everyone loves to hate.

Crane said...

As Spencer/Orson said "…makes us want to send deadly robots back in time to figure out what sapped Steve Spurrier of his J.R. Ewing swagger and turned him into this sad, grass-kicking ghost of a past ass-kicker at Sakerlina.

South Carolina has everything needed to kill a coach, Hope + Reality.

Joe said...

I feel the same way, Cheek. I think it bolstered the fact that it is not the man, but the team that is worthy of hate. Damn you, Florida.

Right now, I can't imagine EVER having empathy for Urban Meyer. Once he leaves Florida for Notre Dame, I wonder if my view will soften on him...